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Amy's Top Tips For Getting and KEEPING Active

Amy's Top Tips For Getting and KEEPING Active

March 2, 2017

Amy's Top Tips For Getting and KEEPING Active:

1/ It must fit into and support your lifestyle. For example, if you start work at 9am, plan (book in) to start training at 6-7am.

2/ Ensure your training is weather proof. If it rains or hails for a week, can you still train?

3/ Tell your friends and family your goals and training schedule. This way they can support you and will know when you are “unavailable”.

4/ Set S.M.A.R.T goals in your training and do some bench mark testing. It is easy to lose motivation if you don’t know your “why” or if you don’t celebrate or recognise your progressions and achievements!

5/ Train like an athlete. Athletes training programs are periodised and they have rest days and seasons. This prevents over training, injury and ensures their training and results are progressive. For example, doing a Strength Training session aiming for Max efforts using the same body parts 3 days in a row (e.g. Dead Lifts) will not allow sufficient recovery and will likely contribute to injury. Similarly doing 3 “long runs”, 3 days in a row can be a lot of load and stress through your muscles and joints where recovery is needed, even if it wasn’t “fast”. Stress fractures are common with people who over train or who have inadequate recovery.

6/ Fuel your training! You can't expect to get much or of an empty tank or body! To maximize training and performance for moderate to high intensity exercise of greater than 45-60 mins, fuel with carbohydrates, our bodies preferred fuel source.

Post training, maximise training adaptations and recovery time by consuming carbohydrates to replenish carbohydraye/glycogen stores, support recovery and immunity and protein for muscle repair. Don’t forget to keep hydrated and replace fluid losses.

If there is not enough time for breakfast before training, I recommend a small carbohydrate rich snack e.g. A small ripe banana.

If you want to learn more about nutrition and to ensue you are maximising your training, health and supporting your goals (e.g. weight loss, muscle gain or sport specific) you can book an online or face to face nutrition consultation and personalized plan here.

7/ Book in your training like you would a doctor appointment or social event. Put it in your diary. Download MINDBODY APP to search for fitness classes and gyms in your area, their timetable and to book. You can even allow it to sync to your phone calendar!

8/ If you don’t have access to gyms, studios or a PT and would like a personalised  Strength or Running Training Program check out my services here

The program is delivered via an APP where you can view your training on a calendar view and each workout in detail.

Each exercise has a 10-15 second video as well as a written description to ensure it can be safely executed! Fitness testing, posture and mobility screening, running technique analysis (run program only) and regular communication is all part of the package at a very affordable price. I will design the program around your goals and your lifestyle!

This means you could have zero equipment, be unable to leave home as a new mum or have access to all the fancy equipment at a gym but just want the help and programming to support you.

The video shown here was taken at Gymmy Squatz South Yarra, one of my favourite places to train! They have a variety of 50 minute classes that are always fun, challenging, safely programmed and instructed by experienced, motivating and supportive trainers and always offer a friendly environment.